What are the risks of advancing the rule

We may have a planned romantic trip for some time, all prepared for some unforgettable days and suddenly, that romantic trip is interrupted by the arrival of an unexpected guest, the rule. Surely it has happened to you and the truth is annoying. There are different ways to cause the period to go ahead, home remedies, pharmacological, etc, but are they healthy ?. Today we dedicate our space to explain what are the risks that entail advancing the rule , so that you have all the information and decide if it compensates or not.

What are the risks of advancing the rule?

As we have anticipated, there are many occasions in which we would have liked that the rule had been advanced or delayed a few days. On the Internet we can find hundreds of home remedies, which can help us to control our menstrual cycle , there are also drugs that cause the advance or delay of menstruation, such as the morning after pill or not rest the mandatory week, in the taking of contraceptives.

What are the risks of advancing the rule

Methods more or less effective but as we will see , they may entail consequences or risks. what are the risks of advancing the rule ?, will affect our general health ?. Questions that we are going to try to answer, we expose it and now it is up to you to assess whether these risks are worthwhile or not.

However, each body is different and reacts different way, for this reason, all the risks that we will discover next may be different from one woman to another. But to make a relationship say that the most common risks are:

  • Feeling of swelling.
  • Alterations and mood changes.
  • Thrombus formation .
  • Feeling dizzy.
  • Skin problems.
  • Sensitive breasts.
  • Causing constipation.
  • Confusion.
  • Risk of bleeding.
  • Weight gain.

Feeling of Bloating

What are the risks of advancing the rule

If we modify the natural cycles of our organism, it can respond to an external intrusion. When we modify the menstrual cycle we cause the behavior of our hormones to be altered as well. One of the main consequences of this alteration is the swelling sensation , mainly due to the fluid retention causing the discomfort of feeling the swollen belly, or the wrists, ankles, etc. A sensation that in addition to being annoying will cause some discomfort in our day to day.

Alterations and mood changes

Definitely one of the risks that greater annoyance can cause to us and that can take to the fret that dinner or those vacations, are the alterations and changes of humor that take place. These alterations are the product of the accumulation of hormones, especially estrogen whose levels shoot up causing alternating states of joy and deep sadness .

Training of thrombi

Another risk and this if it is important, is the greater likelihood of thrombus formation or clots. The methods used to get the menstrual cycle to our plans, can go through using somewhat aggressive methods, among them is the use of the contraceptive pill.Drospirenone is capable of increasing the risk of thrombus formation by threefold.

Sensation of Dizziness

When we cause the advancement of the rule and as we have said repeatedly, we alter our entire life cycle. The organism is programmed to fulfill cycles and when it alters them, it reacts. The whole organism is put into operation and our immune system sending alerts , one of the most common is to feel dizzy or vomiting. An unpleasant sensation of dizziness that although it will not last in time, can be very uncomfortable.

Problems in the skin

High levels of hormones will cause a higher concentration of fat , that concentration will be very evident when skin problems , especially in the most severe areas sensitive as is the face. In this way, and as it happens in some occasions, when we are going to lower the rule, our face is full of pimples and pimples that are truly unpleasant.

Sensitive Breasts

What are the risks of advancing the rule

Often when the date is near when the rule has to come , we begin to feel greater sensitivity in the breast area . This sensibility disappears as soon as menstruation arrives, when we advance or delay our cycle, the organism acts with its own biological clock, only this time it does not receive the order to complete the cycle.

What we get then is prolong that sensitivity in the chest , a sensibility that will increase day by day until it reaches the point of not being able to wear a bra, since the simple rubbing of the fabric can cause a great discomfort or pain .

Provoke Constipation

To advance the arrival of the rule, as we are seeing, can have multiple consequences. However, one of the most frequent is the change in bowel rhythms . This can be translated into two-way periods of diarrhea, although the most common is that you can cause Constipation.


What are the risks of advancing the rule

It may not be one of the most common risks we can take if we decide to advance or delay the rule . However, in some cases, altering vital rhythms can cause outbreaks of confusion . A confusion that will be evident by sporadic forgetfulness, need to be alone, isolation, lack of sexual desire.

Risk of Bleeding

Many girls go crazy looking for remedies to be able to advance the rule , in view of a very important future appointment. In the network you can find many remedies whose reliability is questionable and which can cause damage, really serious . One of the remedies recommended by the networks and which undoubtedly has the opposition of the medical society, is the intake of aspirin.

Aspirin has its properties, the ability to make more liquid the blood , when we take aspirin, "it is assumed" that we will cause the descent and therefore the advance for a few days, of the rule.This is because the change in the levels of hormones caused by the methods used to overtake or delay the rule, can cause sudden attacks of hunger and therefore, an increase in weight.


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