Marvel Zombies: The Perfect Transformation of Vision in Marvel’s What If?

Marvel’s “What If?” series has been a rollercoaster ride of alternate realities, showcasing different versions of beloved characters and their stories. One of the most intriguing transformations has been that of Vision in the Marvel Zombies episode. This change was not only unexpected but also perfectly executed, adding a new layer to the character’s complexity. But why was this transformation so perfect? Let’s delve into the details.

The Transformation of Vision

In the Marvel Zombies episode, Vision is portrayed as a character who has succumbed to the zombie virus but retains his consciousness due to his android nature. This is a stark contrast to his usual portrayal as a noble and heroic figure. The transformation is not just physical but also psychological, as Vision is seen making morally ambiguous decisions, such as keeping a zombified Scarlet Witch alive and luring survivors to feed her.

Why Was This Change Perfect?

The change in Vision’s character was perfect for several reasons. Firstly, it showcased the depth of his love for Wanda, even in a zombified state. Secondly, it highlighted the moral dilemmas that can arise in desperate situations, adding a layer of complexity to his character. Lastly, it was a fresh take on the character, deviating from his usual portrayal and keeping viewers on their toes.

Exploring Vision’s Love for Wanda

One of the most poignant aspects of Vision’s transformation was his undying love for Wanda. Despite her zombified state, Vision couldn’t bring himself to end her suffering, showcasing the depth of his feelings. This was a powerful depiction of love, showing that it can persist even in the most dire of circumstances.

Highlighting Moral Dilemmas

Vision’s actions in the episode also highlighted the moral dilemmas that can arise in desperate situations. His decision to lure survivors to feed Wanda was morally ambiguous, showing that even the most noble characters can resort to questionable actions when pushed to their limits. This added a layer of complexity to his character, making him more relatable and human.

A Fresh Take on the Character

Lastly, Vision’s transformation was a fresh take on the character. It deviated from his usual portrayal as a noble and heroic figure, keeping viewers on their toes. This unpredictability made the episode more engaging and exciting, proving that even well-known characters can still surprise us.

In conclusion, Vision’s transformation in the Marvel Zombies episode was a perfect blend of character development, emotional depth, and unpredictability. It showcased a different side of Vision, making the episode one of the most memorable in the “What If?” series.