Herniated disc treatment with ozone

Herniated discs are one of the conditions that can cause more pain in the back, there are multiple treatments, some more aggressive than others until surgery, which as always, is the last alternative. However, nowadays it is starting to use a new therapy with really incredible results, it is Ozone Therapy or what is the same, the treatment of herniated disc with ozone . Knowing more about this therapy, when it can be used, what the treatment consists of or what effects it may have, is what we are going to develop in this article.


Herniated disc treatment with ozone, a novel technique that manages to reduce the volume of the hernia and pain without the need for surgery. In another Blogmedicina article we talked about the whiplash and its treatment. Today we tell you more details about the treatment of herniated disc with ozone.

Herniated disc is a frequent pathology that causes many sick leave. Continuous back pain makes it difficult for the person in their day to day.

Symptoms of herniated disc

To explain what is the disc herniation, first visualize the spine, composed of 26 vertebrae that each have discs that protect our bones from shock, walking, running or any other movement. These discs have two parts, one hard on the outside and the other soft and gelatinous on the inside. When the internal part protrudes towards the outer zone, a herniated disc occurs.

Herniated disc treatment with ozone

The herniated disc produces pain and discomfort, since it produces pressure on nerves and muscles of the spine, if in addition the hernia compresses the spinal nerves you can experience numbness.

The most frequent symptoms of herniated disc are:


  • Pain and numbness on one side of the body

  • Pain that spreads to the arms and legs

  • Pain that gets worse at night

  • Pain that gets worse after sitting for a while or standing for a while

  • Muscle weakness

  • Tingling or burning in the affected area.


What is ozone therapy or treatment with ozone?

This is an alternative medical treatment, its goal is to breathe a mixture of oxygen with ozone inside the body, these gases are introduced into the body. This treatment is applied in different diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cancer and also for the case that concerns us at this time, herniated discs.

Ozone treatments are one of the most popular therapies against surgery as an alternative in terms of ending the pain caused by a herniated disc. It is a minimally invasive technique where, through an injection of ozone with steroids, it is inflilted just in the damaged disc and in the muscle that surrounds said disc.

The purpose of this technique is the same as the one that it is tried with the surgery, to make disappear the piece of herniated disk, reducing the inflammation. With this technique, the hernia has been reduced by up to 15%.

Herniated disc treatment with ozone

Ozone treatment of the herniated disc or disolysis by ozone is about using medical ozone (a mixture of 95% oxygen and 5% ozone) in the area of ​​the affected disc.With the reduction of the hernia it is also possible that the pain practically disappears, since the pain was caused by pressing the hernia nerves or muscles, and all this without the need of an operation.

Before applying the treatment of herniated disc with ozone The doctor uses X-rays to ensure the exact area where the treatment is to be applied. Then the oxygen-ozone injection is applied on an outpatient basis, the person does not have to enter the hospital, and in an hour will be out, sometimes even less. It can be applied in different types of herniated discs such as the lumbar, dorsal or soft cervical.

After the first injection, after one week they are reapplied Ozone injections in the vertebral muscles to maximize the positive effects of treatment, this is done equally on an outpatient basis. The positive results in patients who have used this technique are excellent with more than 80% effectiveness.

The treatment of herniated disc with ozone do not have the disadvantages of surgery, such as postoperative, they have hardly any side effects, there are no risks of infection since ozone has great antiseptic power.

When treatment with ozone for herniated disc is not advised. There are only some cases where it is not advised:

  • If the person has suffered a recent myocardial infarction

  • In women pregnant women

  • If the person has severe pathologies of hemocoagulation, thrombocytopenia, or hyperthyroidism

  • If the person suffers from liver failure or renal

  • If the person has a history of using drug abuse

Treatment price with distal hernia ozone

As this treatment is only done privately, the price is variable, but to give you an approximate idea, the treatment with ozone may be around 2000 € .

Contraindications of ozone treatment of herniated disc

Ozone itself has no effect whatsoever secondary, but if there are certain ntraindications regarding the ozone therapy technique that the physician must evaluate before starting treatment.

Herniated disc treatment with ozone

With ozone treatment is intended to improve the blood circulation of capillaries, besides being a great and potent bactericide. But as we say may arise contraindications such as:

  • Hyperthyroidism. People who suffer from hyperthyroidism can not receive treatment with ozone. Ozone increases the production of certain thyroid hormones, so it is contraindicated for people who suffer from this disease.
  • Hypertensive . Patients who suffer episodes of hypertension and who are also not being subjected to medication for such a condition, should also refrain from using ozone treatment.In most cases, patients improve and recover completely, but at other times they will need treatment and these may be:


    Herniated disc treatment with ozone

    There are different types of medicines that will help us eliminate pain, among others:

    • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, will control pain in the long term.
    • Narcotics such as opiates.
    • Medications to calm the nerves
    • Relaxing muscles that will prevent spasms of the back

    Changes in habits

    Making changes in our lifestyle as it is Exercising and taking care of your diet will be an important step in ending back pain, if in addition to having a hernia you are overweight.

    Herniated disc treatment with ozone

    By ot On the other hand attending physiotherapy sessions is important for all those people who suffer from diseases related to the intervertebral discs. Physiotherapists, in addition to physical sessions, will give you information on how to lift weights or how to push weights.

    They will also show us gymnastics tables that we can do at home in order to improve our quality of life, putting aside the pain of our daily routine, strengthening the muscles that support the spine, while increasing the flexibility of both the spine and the legs.

    Herniated disc treatment with ozone

    However there are a series of actions that we can avoid at home, after suffering a herniated disc, first and after spending a time at rest and with pain medication, we will reduce our activity in the first 2 or 3 weeks and we will incorporate little by little into the daily routine.

    We will avoid as much as possible, lifting heavy objects or trying to turn your back sharply for at least 6 weeks after suffering the pain.


    In order to control pain, sometimes it is necessary to use more aggressive methods such as infiltrations. They will be able to control pain for at least a few months. These are injections of steroid medications in the area where the herniated disc is located.

    Herniated disc treatment with ozone

    infiltrations will reduce the inflammation located around the disc, it really does not help to solve the problem but will take us away from the pain for weeks or months.

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